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Gingivoplasty – Gum Trimming The gum line of front teeth may not always grow in at the right place on the teeth. Sometimes the erratic eruption of teeth can cause the gum line to end up covering the top third of the teeth resulting in a gummy smile and small teeth. This corrective procedure is the simplest and most dramatic cosmetic procedure in the armamentarium of the cosmetic dentist. The teeth and the gums are anesthetized, the excess gum tissue is trimmed exposing the full length of the teeth and reducing the gummy smile. Healing is rapid and there is little or no bleeding. Halitosis Treatment While we all experience bad breath from time to time, for chronic bad breath the problem may be easily resolved by using good oral hygiene. Dr. Sharifi will help you through a thorough evaluation and treatment plan. Often, halitosis can be remedied through proper brushing, flossing, keeping your mouth moist and chewing sugarless gum. Also, a tongue scraper used on a regular basis will also reduce bacteria at the back of your mouth. Avoiding foods containing sulfur (onions, garlic, and cabbage) will help as well – these foods produce sulfurous gases as you digest them. Periodontal disease contributes to bad breath as well as the need for restorative dentistry. Cavities, broken fillings and failing dental work all trap plaque contributing to bad breath. Dr. Sharifi has an on staff periodntist (gum specialist) for more severe periodontal problems. Did you know that gum disease is a major risk factor for heart disease-including heart attacks? Regular hygiene visits are also very important. Until we can find and fix the cause of your halitosis we have the only mouthwashes that will prevent bad breath for 6 hours no matter what the cause. Guaranteed. Store bought mouthwashes are high in alcohol. They are a temporary fix than they dry your mouth out more contributing to worsen bad breath. Call for a consultation for your bad breath .Our mouth rinses are chemically prepared to bond with the sulfur compounds which cause bad breath eliminating the problem for up to 6 hours.

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